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AmpRegen’s restoration services include everything from performance measurements - sensitivity, output power, frequency response, distortion, hum and noise - to complete rebuilds. Whether your valve amplifier needs a
simple check-over or a major overhaul, we can help.

We retain original components whenever practical and we will source original replacements when we can.
When it is necessary, perhaps for safety or reliability reasons, to use modern parts we can select those
which most closely match the properties of the originals. We aim to remove originals without cutting
their leads and to return them to our customers with their amplifiers.

The pursuit of ever higher technical standards through the 1940’s,
50’s and 60’s meant that every new amplifier was launched and
reviewed against detailed manufacturers’ specifications.
We restore amplifiers so that they meet, and commonly
exceed, those specifications.

However it has to be said that the figures from some manufacturers were ambiguous and occasionally ‘optimistic’. And in all fairness modern test equipment is much more sensitive and discriminating than was the case half a century ago. We can now detect features
which may well have been hidden then.
The silver lining is that if the original
figures do turn out to be out of
reach then we can at least
now see the details clearly.