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“... As vintage valve amplifiers go it’s
just about optimal as regards the
power/size/complexity trade-off …
the tonality was even-handed, bass
was clean and dry, while the midband
was pleasingly vivid. As was the treble
… the 22/II made easy work of
‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’.
This recording is backed by a variety
of low-frequency drones which will sap
the power from any transformer-coupled amplifier.
Nevertheless … the Quad IIs refused to become flustered.”

“...The difference between renovation and restoration
is rarely made. Most people renovate with new
components … True restoration, including its merits,
is rarely talked about. The amps look lovely,
by the way.”

A few months earlier a pair of Leak TL/12 Point Ones restored by us appeared in August 2013’s Hi-Fi World. By the time the ‘on test’ photo
was taken we had them performing comfortably within
Harold Leak’s very tight specification. They had thrown
a few challenges at us on the way. But the glorious sound
from them when they were finished more than made up
for that, and Noel Keywood’s reaction cheered us too:

In the March 2014 Hi-Fi News Tim Jarman reviewed an AmpRegen Quad 22/II system. While we can’t agree with Tim’s general view of valve amplifiers (he confesses he prefers transistors !) it was very gratifying to read his comments on ours:

We couldn’t agree more !