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AmpRegen Ltd is a UK-based restorer and supplier of vintage audio equipment, specialising in the regeneration
of valve (vacuum tube) hi-fi amplifiers.

We work to the highest standards of service, recognising that many of these items are now acquiring ‘classic’ status and that insensitive restoration would reduce their aesthetic, historic and monetary value.

Our aim is to deliver equipment which works at least
as well as it did on the day it left the factory, and we
do this while retaining as many of the original
component parts as possible.

We use a range of modern diagnostic instruments to verify equipment performance
and we can provide technical reports documenting this.

Our aim for this website is not only to show you what
we do and how well we do it but also to provide
useful information about vintage equipment, either
directly when we hold that information ourselves or
through links to other websites. However we do
spend most of our time actually working on vintage
hi-fi hardware ! So please bear with us if the site’s
growth is not as quick as we all might like.